Less than a month ago, I started working full-time as an Android developer.

Up until now, I’ve been genuinely and most pleasantly impressed by the solid criteria that seem to drive the framework’s design. I probably feel more comfortable in the Android development environment than I ever felt working with any other framework (specially Java frameworks). Everything seems to be carefully thought out, and each new version brings great improvements and additions to the table.

For all its virtues, however, and just like any platform, Android has its quirks. Things that would seem wonderfully simple after reading the docs and examples, such as firing an AsyncTask from an Activity, can become a major source of headaches.

I’ve opened this blog to document my experience with the Android platform, and to share my workarounds and implementations for potentially troublesome tasks. I don’t know what will become of it, but I expect it to somehow, someday, help a fellow Android developer and maybe save him/her from running into the same walls as me.