For some reason (which may very well be my inability to find it), there’s no official listing of all the standard Android drawables online. You can check the documentation, but there’s little in the way of images or descriptions.

I’ve been using an app called Android Drawables to list them. It does the job, but has one flaw I find terribly annoying: it doesn’t let you filter the list. You have to scroll down manually through the whole listing, even if you vaguely remember something about the name, which should be enough to narrow down the search.

I’ve looked around for alternatives, but all other similar applications I’ve seen suffer from the same shortcoming. This morning I was scrolling down the resource list, trying to find an icon, when I finally decided to roll up my own version and include a filtering feature.

The application

The result of this morning’s work, Drawable Explorer, is available for free in the Android Market. I’ll make a second release and add support for animations, and maybe some other feature, when I have the time.

The source code

The source code, as always, is open and can be found in this repository.

You’ll need some of the code from the blogActivity repo to compile it — namely, FilterableAdapter.