First, the improvements.

In my last post, I wrote about a small app I uploaded to the Market last week: Drawable Explorer. It’s a simple tool that lets you navigate, filter and display the standard Drawable resources present in the system, by means of reflection on R.drawable

I just got home and made a slight but useful improvement: it’s now possible, with the click of a button, to either save a resource to an external image file or SEND it through another application in the system.

The updated application is available in the Market, as is the source code in its repository.

Now, the excuses.

I've been meaning to upload more utilities to the blogActivity repository, but I just can't find the time. I have several half-baked classes and interfaces I created for my personal use, that could easily be improved, generalized and shared, but I haven't yet managed to extend my day beyond the unfortunate total of 24 hours -- and that's before substracting the time this impractical body of mine needs to sleep.

I promise to try and find the time to write and upload more. Heh, I'm making apologies as if I had thousands of readers. Oh well, since I don't, there's nobody to find it silly, so what the heck.

Have a good week!