Well, after staring for several minutes at the vast emptiness of the post editor, I came to an important realization: I have absolutely no clue as to what to write here. I wanted to think of something original (but not crazy), funny (but not silly) and engaging (but not… whatever), but instead I ended up writing the first thing that came to mind. Id est, as you may have guessed, this very paragraph.


If for some reason you were wondering, I’m Santiago Lezica, an Argentinian-born geek (or, you know, software developer) that took a plunge into the world of mobile programming in August 2011.

I’ve always loved the philosophy that drives the world of open source software, and in that spirit I decided to start writing this blog. All the code you find in my posts is free for the taking, as is the code in blogActivity’s GitHub repository.

Contact me

You can send me an e-mail to lezica.santiago@gmail.com, or look me up in Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

Oh, and you can use this handy auto-generated contact form.